For fishermen who like to compete

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Scale is a mobile app for competitive fishermen.

Scale's Login page.

Users can easily join a game.

Game Invites page, showcasing both types of games: Biggest Bag and Point System.

Or create their own game.

New Game setup for Biggest Bag. User interviews help decide field types and field default values.

The Leaderboard allows competitors to keep an eye on their competition.

The Leaderboard takes the guesswork out of who is winning and by how much. This is a game changer.

I made adding a fish to your score way easier than catching one in real life.  

Simply add the weight of the fish and some pictures (for proof 😉) if you'd like.

And push notifications and Siri Shortcuts give fisherman even more time with the rod in their hand.

Left: Push notification let's you know what you need to do to win, without even opening the app.
Right: Siri Shortcuts allow you to add a fish and get right back to the competition.

Winners can share their victory.

Share your victory with friends and engage the next wave of users.

While losers have to deal with the consequences.

Now losers can't say the bet "was not legit" or "we never agreed on it".
Looks like Jeremy is buying breakfast.

Here is a walkthrough of the main flows of the app.

Full UX process