Articles 📝

Below is a list of my UX articles. Most of them are published in Medium while a few are in the UX Magazine.

When and how to add confetti to your product UI published on UX Collective

Being a twin allowed me to become a compassionate designer

Design Guide: Top App Bar published on

Redesigning the toggle switch published on Muzli

Figma’s Auto Layout feature inspired me to create a Resume Builder published on UX Planet

Design Guide: Classifying items published on

Design Guide: Alerts published on The Startup

UI Copy: Remove vs Delete published on UX Magazine

Design Guide: Breadcrumbs published on UX Magazine

Prototyping Template for Usability Tests published on UX Planet

Fun fields using Figma published on

The User Experience of Restaurant Garbage Bins

What we can learn from MBTA’s Manual of Guidelines & Standards from 1977 published on The Startup

Use splash and skeleton screens published on Muzli

Use the hand cursor published on The Startup

Jira’s new Issue View design published on The Startup

UX annoyances at a Holiday Inn published on The Startup